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CyberPower, the global leading power solutions provider for SMB and data center environments, proudly announced that it has been selected to CRN 2014 Data Center 100 and Top 20 Infrastructure Provider. This is the second time in a row that CyberPower won this prestigious award since 2013. Compiled by the CRN editorial staff, this list identifies the top vendors who provide services for powering, supporting and protecting data center services from backup tools to virtual solutions and cloud hosting services from the aspects of environmental and economical friendly manners, while boosting efficiency and productivity. Those listed in this list demonstrate their excellence in innovation, market share, market presence, technology capabilities and channel capabilities. Through this, solution providers can easily identify top vendors from the marketplace who best meet their needs for building solution packages for administrators. Followed by the nomination in 2013, CyberPower has again been selected as Top 20 Infrastructure Provider this year, putting an emphasis on its position as leading data center solution provider. CyberPower provides feature-rich power protection and distribution products for all sectors from enterprise, corporate, government, education, SMB to home users who are keen to quality power protection for their valued electronic devices and vital investments. The powerful remote management capability, including the free proprietary power management software, an optional remote management card and an optional environmental sensor, enables administrators the full range of flexibility in managing their UPS systems and safeguard all connected equipment



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